Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Is Talking About Liberty Central

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Hello Patriot,

Did you hear about our mention yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh Show?  Not just me. Not just Liberty Central. But you and our other treasured supporters.

Rush was discussing the attempt by the liberal media to slam all of us who are seeking to return our country to its founding principles. It's worth reading the entire discourse- "Story #6" on this page - but here is Rush's money quote about Liberty Central:

"What in the world is wrong with an organization that seeks to 'promote education, civil discourse, and activism focused on protecting core founding principles of the US?'  Why in the world does that threaten the American left?  It answers itself, I know." 

As usual, Rush nailed it. The question does answer itself. Liberals are worked up because they know we're making a difference. And they know who our supporters are - real Americans who love their country and want it to return to its Constitutional roots. Thanks for all you do for America. And isn't it nice to be mentioned on the nation's most popular radio program?

Please help us continue to fight for what is right. Your contribution of $25 or $50 or $100 will help us work toward an America that respects its Constitution, preserves its freedoms and recognizes families as the bedrock organizations of society. 

Yours in Liberty,

The Liberty Central Team

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