Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Activism School from the Leadership Institute



It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone about the upcoming training in Arlington, VA.


Campaigns are won and lost by the number of trained and effective activists on either side.  I am excited about the awakening that has happened on the side of conservatives. 


You are all cordially invited to attend the Youth Leadership School in Arlington, VA on Dec. 4th-5thThis is a two day, intense, high-energy training, designed to equip students and activists with the tools needed to be a powerful force for conservatism and to win BIG in November. 


See flier below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to see our website at or contact Meghan Swella at 703-647-3311.

Youth Leadership School

December 4 – 5, 2010 \\ Arlington, VA

Join the ranks of conservative congressman, senators, governors and over 12,000 other conservatives who got their start at the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School.

You will learn to:

  • Organize large numbers of students for a conservative cause or candidate
  • Increase the size and effectiveness of your conservative group

·         Motivate volunteers with exciting projects

· successful speaker events

·         Develop eye-catching signs and literature to attract others to your cause

·         Gain media coverage for your events

·         Learn more than 12 activism projects you can achieve immediately

Learn to win! Register today.


Your $30 registration fee includes meals, lodging, and course materials.  Register today by contacting Meghan Swella at 703.647.3311 or email




Nicole Petit
Leadership Institute
Youth Leadership Schools




"There are no people in the world who are so slow to develop hostile feelings against a foreign country as the Americans, and there are no people who, once estranged, are more difficult to win back. The American Eagle sits on his perch, a large strong bird with formidable beak and claws. There he sits motionless and his enemies are sent day after day to prod him with a sharp-pointed stick-now his neck, now under his wings, now his tail feathers. All the time the eagle keeps quite still, but it would be a great mistake to suppose that nothing is going on inside the breast of the eagle."--Winston Churchill


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