Monday, October 18, 2010

Left is Attacking Us – Need Your Help

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Hello Patriot,

How do we know liberals are getting desperate? Because they are throwing around baseless accusations about leading conservative groups. Like Liberty Central. And because they stopped paying attention to facts and are simply making up stories. All without a shred of evidence.


President Obama himself accused the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of using foreign money to influence domestic elections. When asked for proof, his top aide said ... and we are not making this up ... "Let's see them prove they're not doing it."


You see, liberals are way behind in the midterm election polls, and they are desperate. And, incredibly, this guilty-till-proven-innocent scheme is the centerpiece of their campaign!


They've used The New York Times - attack dog No.1 in the liberal kennel - to do the same to us at Liberty Central. In a recent editorial and feature story, The Times says we shouldn't be able to raise money unless we publish our legally confidential donor list.


What nonsense!  


Liberty Central needs your help. We're two weeks from Election Day. Liberty Central - and our Operation: Restore Liberty, which seeks to highlight key battleground races - is already a strong voice in the conversation about saving our country from the mess we're in and returning to our Constitutional roots. We can't let Operation: Restore Liberty be weakened by this baseless nonsense.


You see, these accusations are perfectly timed to make us use valuable resources to defend ourselves now, just as we're educating the public about the upcoming election. They know that our programs to stop big government and educate voters are making a difference, so they're doing everything they can to stop us.


We can't let them succeed. That is why I am hoping you will consider supporting Liberty Central today with a gift of $35, $65 or even $100. We need your support if we are going to succeed.


We have the momentum and the truth on our side. And with your help, we will take Operation: Restore Liberty to the next level. Your support today will help us educate voters about our founding principles and which legislators support them and which do not. We will be able to train activists all around the country on how they can get involved in the weeks leading up the elections. And most of all, we will be able to return to a more Constitutional Congress.


That is why we need your help. We know we are on the right track when the Left starts throwing baseless accusations our way. 


Don't let them derail us from our mission. Help us fight back now. Go to and contribute today.

Yours in Liberty,

The Liberty Central Team

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