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RE: Read the Bills!, more info

More information on getting involved on Virginia bills

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People who will help read thro bills to see if we should support or oppose
should contact "Ben Bierly" <>,
He is heading the committee establishing the process and setting up training
via con call.........

Joe Guarino is lining up people to follow the bills and keep the
communications team apprised of progress thro the GA so we can send timely
action alerts. "joe" <>, Joe will be doing
training via con call.

The Coalition we formed with C4L, TQ and ANCIR is proposing 12 pieces of
legislation under the umbrella The 10th Amendment Revolution.....(after all
the bills have been read, I'm sure there will be others CoLA will wish to
track.) Any individual in the grassroots community who wishes to receive
these action alerts directly can sign up on the website.
The progress of the bills can be followed on that website by anyone who
wants to know the status of a bill we are following. It is already
being constantly updated as we add sponsors, legislative language and bill
numbers. People signed up on this website will be slammed with eblasts
during the GA then it will go dormant until the 2012 session. Those signed
up will be advised of committee meetings and upcoming votes . Sometimes this
info is available only 24 hours beforehand. We will give the names and
contact info (phones and email addresses etc) for Delegates and Senators
whose vote is critical to passage/defeat.

Congress has ignored millions of calls and we have even shut their
communications down to no avail.
In the VA General Assembly..... 100 nice, calm letters, calls, and emails
can swing a vote our way. We believe we have plenty of fire power in our
ranks to affect legislative outcomes.

Did I answer all ?

P.S. All VTPP member groups are listed on the 10th amendment website. If you
wish to be removed from the list please advise.

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 8:52 AM, Bonnie Betts <> wrote:

> Carol thats great! Thank you guys for being on top of that. Can you give
> me an idea how many bill watchers you need? We have 10 from COLA? And what
> would they need to do timewise or location?
> Bonnie
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> Donna Holt and I are working on Lobbying 101 (Richmond, Jan 10) and Lobby
> Day at the Capitol (Jan 17). If any one wishes to help in the
> plannining/executing process please contact me.........
> Lobbying, Bill Reading (3000 bills), Communications and Bill Following
> teams
> are forming now, training in NOV/DEC if anyone wishes to participate or
> send
> reps. please advise.
> Thank you
> Carol Stopps
> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 6:44 AM, Angie Parker <
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> > I will not be available for the call on Tuesday. I will be speaking to a
> > Tea Party group about the CoLA initiatives.
> >
> > Angie
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Alexander of York

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