Saturday, October 9, 2010

Media Taking Notice; Tax Petition Yields 22,500+ Letters and Liberty Central Ranks grow by 50% in 7 days! Weekly Update

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Hello Patriot,


Together we accomplished quite a feat! Over the past two weeks, we've sent over 22,500+ of your letters to Congress telling them to stop the Obama tax increases. While we will continue this campaign until we have 100,000 names on the petition, it is time to turn our focus to getting ready to be heard on November 2nd with Operation Restore Liberty (more below).



1. Stop The Obama Tax Hikes Campaign Over 22,500 Letters

Over 22,500+ letters have been sent to Congress telling them to stop the Obama tax increase. We are keeping this campaign open until we reach 100,000 letters sent so please pass it on! This issue is extremely important because it may be considered by a Lame Duck session of Congress after the Nov. 2nd elections. When we reach 100,000, we will deliver the signatures to Congress, video tape the delivery, and put it on our website for everyone to see. Go here to sign and then pass it along to your friends!


2. Become A Member By Tuesday To Get Endorsements!

If you become a member by Tuesday morning, you will get our brand new list of Liberty Central Candidate Endorsements!  We will continue to roll out new endorsements each week between now and Election Day.  Endorsements are only available to paid members so join today and, for only $25, you can get access to Liberty Central endorsements and future Member-Only emails!


3. NY Times and Newsweek Highlight Liberty Central

Mainstream media is starting to focus on what Liberty Central is doing. The New York Times and Newsweek both have brand new articles out about Liberty Central and Founder Ginni Thomas.


Read the NY Times article here.


Read the Newsweek article here.


4. 23 Days Till The Election And Time May Be Running Out To Register In Your State

Each state has different voter registration deadlines. Are you registered to vote? Are your friends and family? Go here to make sure you meet your state's deadline!  Pass the link along to your friends and family so that they are registered as well!


5. (VIDEO) "We Ain't Goin' Away!"

This is a great music video talking about how the American people aren't going away! Go here to watch. It's good, we promise!



United together for Liberty,



Sarah Field


Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Liberty Central, Inc.


P.S. If you are new to Liberty Central's list - welcome! Take a look around and know that we are equipping citizen leaders to lobby for liberty in as little as 3-5 minutes a day. We know you are busy, but we know we need your voice with others in the public square to have impact.  Our role is to help build connective tissue between new citizen activists, the conservative community, the best elected folks in Washington and the alternative media. We love our visitors and are glad you have joined us. Bring a friend.

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