Thursday, October 7, 2010

November is Coming

November is Coming

"Enough with the rallies! It's time to take action!" That's the message I repeated at every stop on our recent November is Coming bus tour as we made our way across Virginia. Now I want to ask you, How committed are you to taking our nation in a different direction? Will you give your most precious resource -- your time -- to the cause of freedom and prosperity in our state and across the nation? I'm asking you to do just that in the easiest way possible: from your own home on your own time. Please use this link:

AFP is launching our new Freedom Phone system, where citizen-activists can sign up to spread AFP’s message of free-market principles by educating Virginians about their representatives' voting records. Just CLICK HERE or hit the button below to go to our site to sign up for our at-home "Freedom Phone" effort. Once signed up, you will receive login information, call scripts, and lists of neighbors and citizens to call and educate on urgent Congressional issues and voting records of elected officials. It's so easy, even a lazy liberal could do it!

Making these "Freedom Phone" calls is absolutely essential. When our fellow citizens hear from volunteers like you, it makes a huge difference. Studies have repeatedly shown that in this day and age Americans trust "people like them" more than they trust TV or the internet when it comes to views they find credible. That's where YOU come in.

Americans are siding with us on the key economic issues. It's why President Obama's approval rating now stands at just 41%. It's why a majority of Americans want to REPEAL the health care takeover before it even takes effect. It's why cap-and-trade and the entire radical environmental agenda is being rejected across our nation. Our job is to keep up the heat-- to continue talking to our fellow Americans, winning them to our side and telling them there's a better direction for our nation. You can do all this through AFP's at-home "Freedom Phone" system.

Here's how it works:

· If you use your home phone there is no charge to you even if the calls are long distance, as the system calls you at a number of your choosing.

· Anytime between 10am and 8pm, you can choose when to make your calls to educate your friends and neighbors on the issues that matter to you and to AFP.

· Learning to make calls is easy, too, as the Freedom Phone system provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use the system.

The need has never been greater for you to take action. PICK UP THE FREEDOM PHONE TODAY! Please sign up, forward this email to your conservative friends and neighbors, and help take back America from big-spending liberals in Congress and return to the conservative, free-market principles this country was founded upon. You and I have been fighting this fight for some time now. Let's finish what we started!

Gratefully yours,
Ben Marchi
Virginia State Director
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. – Volunteers will receive a free “November is Coming” t-shirt for the first 25 calls they make. Hurry and sign up today and let elected officials know that November is coming!

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