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Fwd: Operation Sit In

I have no other info on this operation but I figured I'd pass it on to see what you think.

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I found your organization through the Tea Party Patriots site, and I think this is something you will be interested in...


You can read this message, or you may go to (the link is preferred).


If you do not read this whole thing, read the first and last paragraphs…


Here is some basic information about Operation Sit In –


There are multiple millions of conservative Americans who are currently unemployed because of the economy.  These people may or may not be drawing unemployment benefits, and even if they are, those benefits do not make for having a job as to what the family income is.  Being unemployed however is a benefit to our Operation in this regard.  They have the freedom of time and movement that is needed to put our plan into action, but they in all probability do not have the finances to pay to go to DC and put  their freedom (the risk of arrest for non-violent 'passive' demonstration… i.e.  SIT IN activity) on the line, not to mention the discomfort they will endure in order to stay 'on station' for up to 3 or 4 days straight.  We will not be getting hotel rooms, because once we commit to this action, we are in it to the end, and the end is WE WIN. 


Where and when are we SITTING IN?  There is a bill currently in committee in the House, H.R. 5741, titled The Universal National Service Act.  This bill could come to the floor of the house at almost any time.  The most likely time it will be voted on is during the (hopefully) upcoming 'Lame Duck' session of congress.  That is the period of time when a party in power has, via elections, lost the majority they hold, and know they will no longer be calling the shots in the next congress.  But, since the elections this year are on Nov. 2, and the new congress is not seated until early January, those 60+ days are available to the outgoing party in power to do with as they please.  And they have already adequately demonstrated their determination to shove anything they desire down the throats of the American People, whether the people are for it or not.


We will in all probability have only one chance to stop this horrendous bill, which includes provisions that literally place power in the hands of 'the President' to form a new national service organization and then to compel virtually any American to serve for two years in it (providing they do not volunteer to serve is an existing military or designated civilian service organization).  That is ALL, male and female, between the ages of 18 and 42.  And the provisions in this bill granting 'the President' the power to form any new organization he 'deems appropriate' do not set ANY parameters or restrictions as to the nature of the new organizations, THUS this makes the President all but a DICTATOR, and in the case of President Obama, this will allow him to proceed to accomplish that which he spoke of on the campaign trail, to build a civilian force, just as well financed and armed as the U.S. military.  The one opportunity we will have that gives us the most likely chance of defeating the passage of this law is to prevent the U.S. Senate from voting on it.  We all know the results of writing letters, making phone call, sending emails etc.  And I remind you that the definition of insanity is 'to do the same thing, and expect a different result'.  It is time to change our tactics. 


We are going to physically impede access to the U.S. Senate Building, including the underground access form the underground train system.  I realize that there may be other secret entrances to the building that the public does not know about, but I am convinced, that magnitude of our Operation will succeed, even if the Senators manage to get in and vote.  The news coverage that even the main stream media of the United States will have to give this event will finally 'force' our legislators to listen to us for once.  Why will the MSM cover this event, simple – because we will be there for DAYS if necessary, the world media will pick up the story, and the MSM will be forced to join in. 


Folks, this may very well be the last chance those of who love our country and the foundational constitutional principles on which it was founded may have to turn things around before it slides past the point of no return without having to resort to an armed revolution, and believe me, I do not want it to get to that point.  If it does, I will do my part, but I would prefer that we find a non-violent way to save our country.  I believe that Operation Sit In is that way.


There are three ways we are asking Patriotic conservative Americans to step up to the plate.  First and most difficult is we are asking for those who have the freedom of time and movement to be able to leave for DC at the drop of a hat (the scheduling of the Senate Vote on the Bill) to volunteer to go and place their comfort and possible freedom on the line.  Second, for those who live close (60 miles or so of DC, who have a yard, driveway, or perhaps a business parking lot, to step forward as 'Parking Hosts' and agree to keep an eye on the cars of those going into DC to sit-in, and to help by transporting the front line volunteers to the nearest train station, or other point of public transportation into DC, and to agree to help when we return to our cars.  Third, for those Americans who still have jobs, and therefore do not have the freedom of time and movement to go, to support those who can go financially.


We only ask your minimum pledge be $5 (or more depending on what you can afford).  As the process unfolds, you will have a better idea of what to do.  Since there are going to be around 10 or more donors for every person going, that is approx 30 or more people helping a 3 person carload.  One main thing to remember is, whether you choose to meet with the person you are sponsoring, or not, before the trip is a GO, that in no case are we at Operation Sit In asking you give them the money you pledged UNTIL the trip IS ON.  The people who are willing to risk arrest and will go through much discomfort in order to let their 'voices' be heard, and, by the way, in a very real way will be your 'voice's too, are instructed to not ask their sponsors for any money until the time to depart for DC.  If they do, please notify your District or State Coordinator, or me.


We plan, since they will all be in a fairly small geographical area, to give every sponsor the option of 'meeting' the other sponsors for their person going.  This day you will have the opportunity, should you choose to, to meet other conservatives in your area, and together you may come up wit a formula of giving that will best make sure the trip is successful.


How about it, are you ready to join with millions of your fellow conservative Patriots, and put $5 or more on the line to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK?   Go to the link at the top of this message to sign up, remember no money changes hands UNLESS we have to execute this plan.  Thanks for stepping up to the plate...larry

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