Saturday, October 16, 2010

Operation Restore Liberty & Rush Limbaugh

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Hello Patriot,


This week was an especially big week for Liberty Central you, our wonderful supporters. We kicked off Operation Restore Liberty by releasing many more new target races (with more to come) in addition to our latest round of candidate endorsements! And on the media front, Rush Limbaugh defended us against the New York Times, Newsweek, and other mainstream media outlets!


We are making waves but it's important that we not lose focus on November 2nd.  There are only 17 days until Election Day and we have to make every day count!


1. Operation Restore Liberty

We released our full Congressional "Top Target Races" for November - the most important elections that will determine if our next Congress respects its limited, constitutional role.  We call this Operation Restore Liberty.  We started by publishing our Congressional scorecards, then gathered candidate surveys, and finally - and most importantly - listened to feedback from all of you.

Check out our list of target races to see if your state is included!


We also released our next round of candidate endorsements, which only Liberty Central members can access. If you would like to receive all Liberty Central endorsements and member emails, please go here and become a member for only $25 a year!



2. First Liberty Central Webinar with Tony Perkins and Rep. Tom Price!

We have been waiting to do a webinar since we launched in May and are excited to announce that next Wednesday, October 20th at 8:30 PM EST, Liberty Central's Founder, Ginni Thomas, will join Tony Perkins of FRC Action to discuss the upcoming Obama tax increases.  Several guests will join the program, including Congressman Tom Price of Georgia!  Go here to register!



3. Rush Limbaugh Has Liberty Central's Back!

The mainstream media attacks against Liberty Central have been increasing dramatically over the last week.  We were surprised (and elated) when Rush Limbaugh defended Liberty Central on Wednesday's show. Check it out here!



4. 17 Days Until The Election And Time May Be Running Out To Register In Your State

Each state has different voter registration deadlines. Are you registered to vote? Are your friends and family? Go here to make sure you meet your state's deadline!   Pass the link along to your friends and family so that they are registered as well!



5. (VIDEO) "We Ain't Goin' Away!"

This is a great music video talking about how the American people aren't going away! Go here to watch. It's good, we promise!





United Together for Liberty,





Sarah Field

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Liberty Central, Inc.

P.S. If you are new to Liberty Central- welcome! Take a look around and learn how we equip citizen leaders to lobby for liberty in as little as 3-5 minutes a day. We know that you are busy, but we need your voice to join others in the public square to have impact.  Our role is to connect new citizen activists, the conservative community, the best elected folks in Washington, and the alternative media. We love our visitors and are glad you have joined us. Bring a friend.

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