Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Action Alert

ALL LEADERS....are you doing your part ? Are you forwarding action alerts?
There are only a few days left in the 2011 session.
Please forward to your members and do whatever you can to get them on the phone to at least call democrat committee members.

 Tell them again.....
 Tell the governor that borrowing 3 billion is totally unacceptable.
 Governor McDonnell, phone 804-786-2211, fax 804-371-6351
Call your own Delegate and Senator and tell them again too.  http://conview.state.va.us/whosmy.nsf/main?openform
Tea Party decorum please while expressing  opinions

An Important Day:  TUESDAY, February 15  
The end of the session is approaching so bills are coming up fast. Many will be before Senate committees on Tues. Feb. 15.  Please attend if you can and call or leave messages for as many Senators as possible, especially democrats and your own Senator if he/she is on any of these committees. Ask them to support this legislation. 

9:15 AM
Privileges and Elections, Subcommittee
Tues., Feb. 15, 3rd floor conference room West

HJ 539 SUPPORT VA Constitutional Amendment, 3/5 majority vote required to raise taxes
HJ 693 SUPPORT VA Constitutional Amendment, Preservation of property rights

Howell (Chairman), 804-698-7532
Martin, 804-698-7511
Deeds, 804-698-7525
Whipple, 804-698-7531
Obenshain, 804-698-7526
Puckett, 804-698-7538
Edwards, 804-698-7521
Blevins, 804-698-7514
McEachin, 804-698-7509
Petersen, 804-698-7534
Smith, 804-698-7561
Barker, 804-698-7539
Northam, 804-698-7506
Vogel, 804-698-7527
McWaters 804-698-7508

11 AM   
Commerce & Labor Committee
C&L subcommittee miscellaneous #1
Meets Tues. 2/15 at
11am in Senate Room A
HB 1438   SUPPORT  Products made and retained in VA not subject to Federal regulation (Intrastate commerce)
(only bill on docket)
Saslaw (Chairman) (D-35th) GA: 804.698-7535; 703.978.0200
Watkins, John (R-10th) GA: 804.698.7510; 804.379.2063
Norment, Thomas (R-3rd) GA: 804.698.7503; 757.259.7812
Edwards, John (D-21st) GA: 804.698.8521; 540.985.8690
McEachin (D-9th) GA: 804.698.7509; 804.226.4111

All email addresses are” “district##@senate.virginia.gov

2 PM
Subcommittee on Local Government
Meets Tues. 2pm, Senate room B

HB 1721 SUPPORT Makes UDAs optional

Committee Members;
D- Louise Lucas Chairman 698-7518
D- Henry Marsh 698-7516
R- Frederick Quayle 698-7513
R- Stephen Martin 698-7511
R- Emmett Hanger 698-7524
D- Patricia Tice 698-7350
D- Roscoe Reynolds 698-7520
D- Linda Puller 698-7536
R- Frank Ruff 698-7515
R- Mark Obershain 698-7526
D- Mark Herring 698-7533
D- Mamie Locke 698-7502
R- Ralph Smith 698-7522
D- David Marsden 698 7537
R- William Stanley 698-7519

4 PM
Senate Privileges and Elections Committee
Meets: Tuesday, 4:00 p.m, Senate Room A

HB 1478 SUPPORT  Expanded board of elections - (accountability)
HJR 511 SUPPORT  Transportation funds lock box
HJR 615 SUPPORT  No new taxes or fees in appropriations bills

Janet Howell--(804) 698-7532
Stephen Martin--(804) 698-7511
Creigh Deeds--(804) 698-7525
Mary Whipple--(804) 698-7531
Mark Obenshain--(804) 698-7526
Phillip Puckett--(804) 698-7538
John Edwards--(804) 698-7521
Harry Blevins--(804) 698-7514
Donald McEachin--(804) 698-7509
J. Chapman Petersen--(804) 698-7534
Ralph Smith--(804) 698-7522
George Barker--(804) 698-7539
Ralph Northham--(804) 698-7506
Jill Vogel--(804) 698-7527
Jeffrey McWaters--(804) 698-7508

In Victory,

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