Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fwd: CoLA meeting 8/7

Some members of the VA Tea Party Patriots Federation have been meeting to discuss Constitutional and Legislative Action (CoLA) and since several memebers of the Peninsula Tea Party group may be able to contribute to this effort I'm putting it out for anyone interested in representing our group in this committee. Please post to to one of the blogs and let us know if you can participate and then keep us updated on progress.  We can have at least a representative from each of Peninsula Tea Party - Newport News, York Tea Party, & Poquoson TPP.  I will also add this to calendar.  The meeting location is
Hanover Tavern 
13181 Hanover Courthouse Road
Hanover, VA 23069-1511
(804) 537-5050

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From: Angie Parker <>
Date: Jul 16, 2010 9:20 PM
Subject: CoLA meeting 8/7

To Virginia Patriot Leaders:
Our next CoLA committee meeting will be on Saturday August 8th from 10-3 at the Hanover Tavern.  This meeting will have a two part focus.  The first will be to discuss the status of our proposed 2011 legislation and begin developing our Freedom Bills platform that will guide our legislative action for the next several years.  The second will be to develop a strategy for state wide communications during the general assembly session.  I will send an agenda a week before the meeting.  All are welcome to attend.  Please e-mail me if you plan to participate in this meeting so that I can get an accurate head count for lunch.
On an unrelated note VA has become part of the immigration debate.  Below is a Washington Post article that discusses Corey Stewarts' proposed "Rule of Law" legislation.
Ken Cuccinelli has filed an Amicus Brief in support of the AZ law.
Edgar Doleman of the 99th District tea party has written a resolution in support of AZ's immigration law and encouraging VA to follow suit.  The Northumberland County Republican Committee has passed this resolution. I've attached it in case any of you would like to introduce a similar resolution in your local committees or present it to your Board of Supervisors for consideration as part of their 2011 legislative agenda.  Support from local representatives will help to put pressure on our state representatives to act.
Take Care,
Angie Parker
Vice President Just Liberty
CoLA Committee Chair

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